Thursday, June 16, 2011

Warm Texas Morning

Warm Texas Morning__6x8 oil on linen___sold
I miss my new friends today!
We had a full class of artists painting together in Fredericksburg, TX for the past three days! I should have blogged this last night, but I have been "recovering"...whew!
This was a plein air workshop, and I am sure there is a special place in heaven for anyone who will brave 100+ degree heat to paint in the great outdoors...It was also a time to focus on the "extreme light" ends of the day, so we worked from dawn to dark. The little one above was a demo yesterday morning, not long after sunrise...the clouds teased us each morning, but there is no such thing as rain!
We painted in some great locations, including a winery, a feed mill, and a pioneer farm.
I kept expecting to hear complaints (like at the feed mill when trucks would whiz by on the dirt, stirring up gritty clouds that wafted onto us! The "lowlight" of my week...I HATED it, but kept quiet for the sake of my painter friends :)
I look forward to teaching in Fredericksburg later in the year. Stay tuned!
THIS Saturday, the 18th, I teach a one-day session in Smithville. It might be full, but if interested, please call me 512.917.0814

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